Newsroom Magic

Within five minutes of sending out a “Help, I have to go see Prince Harry today and I am wearing jeans" email, Monica received offers of the following:

The dress off of Melissa Bell’s back.

Jenna Johnson’s spare cardigan.

Katherine Boyle’s silk scarf.

Cara Kelly’s smart blazer.

Access to Ellen McCarthy’s closet, located four blocks away.

Thank you, Washington Post communal closet.

"She is still a bundle of engaging possibilities rather than a finished picture."

The Awl has set up a little quiz in which readers guess whether a quote* comes from an Edith Wharton novel or a review of HBO’s “Girls.” (*This one’s Wharton. “The Buccaneers.”)


A rude driver intentionally hits a girl on a bicycle (because? Because he is a toad!) but then it turns out that the girl is a police officer.

Cheers for:

1) Girls on bikes.

2) Police officers.

3) Girls on bikes who are police officers.

4) Sweet, sweet justice.